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Wash and Fold Drop Off Laundry Service in Poughkeepsie, NY

You work harder than ever and it seems that the chores never end. Let us lighten your laundry load for you with drop off laundry service!

At We’ve Got Your Sock Laundromat, Wash and Fold Valet services are available seven days a week with a quick turnaround time. In case of emergency, same day service may be available at an additional charge.

Wash &
Fold Service
Per Pound

**10-Pound Minimum

Due to rising wages & our commitment to excellent service, our new price is $2.75 per pound beginning on December 31, 2022. 


Interested in selecting a wash and fold laundry service? There are two things that you should look for; NO RECYCLED water, and that quality ingredients are used to launder your clothing. Many Laundromats use the cheapest warehouse detergents to “clean” your clothing, don’t separate the whites, and use recycled water. That’s how they keep their prices to about $1.25 a lb.


At We’ve Got Your Sock, we use the same high quality, premium detergents that you would use at home, such as Tide, Gain, All Free and Clear, All with Stain Lifters, commercial grade bleach, Downy softener, Snuggle, and Bounce. For an additional charge we also offer Mrs. Meyer’s detergent, OxiClean and heavy duty cleaning. Upon request, we will utilize your own detergents. Whites are separated and bleached. 

Shirts are folded using a folding board for uniformity. Inside each shirt is nestled a sheet of tissue paper for a better fold and fewer wrinkles. Collared shirts, blouses, dress pants, and trousers are hung up on hangers and covered with dry cleaning plastic.

Does your clothing require special care?

It’s never a problem at We’ve Got Your Sock if there are items that need to be hung up to dry. There is no additional charge for this service.

We have expert cleaning of all bedding, including comforters, blankets, quilts and mattress pads.

Commercial accounts are always welcome. Whether you own a spa, AirBnB, camp, medical facility, salon, or a gym, We’ve Got Your Sock Laundromat should be your first choice.

We offer Pickup and Delivery Service for those clients with a 20lb minimum of drop off laundry.

Large items like comforters, sleeping bags, blankets, quilts, rugs, down items, featherbeds, and pillows are charged by the item, not by the pound.

Spend more time with your friends and family by using our popular service!