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We've Got Your Sock Reviews & Testimonials

We know the importance of customer service. We strive to make our customers happy and to give them value for their dollar.  We take pride in being the #1 rated laundry in the 10 surrounding counties. See what our customers say about us!

Suzy is always very personable, patient, friendly, and ever helpful, and also completely dedicated to providing excellent service to all of her customers. I’ve seen this pattern consistently demonstrated by her over and over again throughout many visits and interactions here over the past couple of years. It’s obvious-to anyone that’s actually paying attention anyway-that she really does care about the experience her customers have when visiting her establishment for their laundering needs. And it’s also obvious that she takes great pains and effort to make that experience as pleasurable as possible. And let me tell you that her customers really do appreciate it! Hence, I hope this letter can demonstrate at least a small amount of that appreciation and to also serve as a glowing recommendation-to any and all of her new customers-of the excellent environment and services that Suzy consistently provides.

I come to We’ve Got Your Sock” because of how friendly Suzy is and how kind she is. It’s people like her who make you want to give them your business.

Thanks for all you do. You pay close attention to what you are washing. If there is a missing button or hem falling down, you call to see if I would like you to fix it. When I drop off our clothes, I never have to worry. Clothes are clean and nicely folded and hung.

Thanks so much for fixing my comforter. My dog keeps chewing the corner and gets feathers all over the place. You Fix It Perfectly Every Time!!

Thank you for the terrific job you are doing with the laundry. I feel very fortunate to have you on my side especially when I am very busy or we have an issue with water. There have been times when we had basement flooding or not enough water to do the laundry. I know I can depend on you for doing a great job, not only with the treatment of the clothing but also with the folding and timely readiness for pick-up. You have made the Laundromat a pleasant and cheerful place and I do admire you greatly for the wonderful job you did by collecting clothing for the homeless. I always look forward to your smile and pleasant manner and hope that you will remain for a very long time.

What do you consider the one tedious chore in running a household? For me, it’s laundry. It requires time, patience and an endless exercise of “stair master”. When our own well began to show severe signs of being depleted, we had to rely on an outside source to accomplish this annoying, mundane task. People have asked us, “Why do you travel to Apple Valley to do laundry when you have one so close to you in Millbrook?” The reason is, for the first time we don’t mind doing laundry, as much because we found a place that we can relax, watch TV, read, sit at a table and treat ourselves to take out and do so within a very social, relaxed atmosphere. At the same time, that monotonous task is being accomplished. When we come to Suzy’s “We’ve Got Your Sock”, we don’t envision washing, drying, and folding. This has become our legalized “time out, time for us” haven. We no longer feel guilty that we’re taking some time for ourselves, as we might feel if at home. So, sit back, wash, dry & kick your shoes off…but please do leave your socks on!

Why do I go to “We’ve Got Your Sock Laundromat”? I’ll tell you why. Because it’s clean and you always get hot water to wash your clothes and hot air for drying. The owner is nice and pleasant. I’ve been coming to this laundromat for sixteen years. This is where I’ll be coming for the rest of my life.

The reason why I come to “We’ve Got Your Sock Laundromat” is for the cleanliness. It is exceptionally clean and the machines are always working well. And, most of all, the owner is so friendly and helpful. I feel like I am at home. Thank you so much.

I have been a customer for about six months now and have been very pleased and satisfied with the great laundry work that you do. I live in Hopewell Junction but I choose to do business at “We’ve Got Your Sock”. It is a little out of the way but the clothes are neatly hung on hangers and carefully folded. They always smell fresh and are always ready ahead of time; not to mention Suzy who is always so friendly and professional. I highly recommend this well-run establishment.

Was passing by and saw this laundromat. When I first came in and met Suzy, I knew I would keep coming back because she is so nice to my children and me. Been coming here ever since. It’s like a little family.

I come to “We’ve Got Your Sock” for a few reasons. It is CLEAN-never a speck of dirt to be found which is especially important when my 4 year old is with me. It is KID FRIENDLY- my son loves “doing laundry” and playing puppets. My laundry and 10 stamps and I get a free wash. I love FREE anything- and of course I love Suzy. She’s always got a smile and kind words to share with you which always makes laundry day a better day.

I love coming to “We’ve Got Your Sock Laundromat”. The laundromat is always clean and the owner, Suzy, is so welcoming and helpful. She makes everyone who comes in the door feel like they are the most important person in the world. The rates are very reasonable as well. There is not another laundrymat in the county that compares to “We’ve Got Your Sock”!

This laundromat is convenient for me because I’d pick up and drop off my laundry after work. It’s clean, well-lit, there are TV’s, and lots of folding tables. The big machines are good for washing blankets and comforters. My laundry’s turnaround and delivery time is quick. It’s the best place around and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

I come here to do my wash because it is close to where I live, friendly owner, and my wash comes out clean. I could go elsewhere. But, ever since I started to do my wash here, I have NO reason to go elsewhere.

I really like your laundromat over all others because it’s one of the few places that does not recycle its wash water. Knowing that makes me a repeat customer.

In my opinion, “We’ve Got Your Sock Laundromat” is the “best” laundromat in Dutchess County. Always clean, well-kept and run by Miss Suzy who’ll greet you with a big smile & always friendly. It’s a pleasure washing my clothes there and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Me and my son love coming here to do laundry! You are always so nice and helpful. You even have toys he can play with when I’m busy. this is the cleanest and most comfortable laundrymat we have ever been to. I would say it’s due to the great place you run!!! Thanks so much for an awesome place to do laundry.

We have been coming to “We’ve Got Your Sock Laundromat” for over two years now, handing over our laundry weekly into Suzy’s capable hands. She takes excellent care of our laundry and always accommodates any special requests. We are always happy with her customer service, the quality of the cleaning, and the attention she gives to our clothing. We’ll keep coming for as long as she is in business. Thank you Suzy!

I have continued to use your laundromat because of the personal feel you give it. You always take the time to get to know your customers. Over the past year, we had many talks about my sister. Every time I came in, you made a point to ask how she was doing and even shared some personal experiences of your own about sick loved ones. That made me feel very comforted and I appreciated all of it. When she passed a couple of weeks ago, you offered to do my laundry for free. That meant so much to me. You helped me so much that day just by talking with me about it. You have a customer for life. Thank you for everything and for being you.

Hence, I hope this letter can demonstrate at least a small amount of that appreciation and to also serve as a glowing recommendation-to any and all of her new customers-of the excellent environment and services that Suzy consistently provides.