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Commercial Laundry Services near Pleasant Valley, Wappingers Falls, Beekman, Lagrangeville, NY

We've Got Your Sock Laundromat does commercial laundry. Our commercial laundry service does laundry for businesses in a 20 mile radius around the store. We offer FREE laundry pickup and delivery to our commercial laundromat.  Not only do we provide hotel linen service in Lagrange, but we also service motels, Airbnb, as well as bed and breakfast facilities.  We provide laundry linen service for all of these places.  

Our commercial linen cleaning services also provide help for medical facilities such as hospitals and medical centers.  We do laundry for doctors, dentist, chiropractors, golf courses, car dealerships, car washes and physical therapists.

We also do laundry for restaurants and catering companies where we launder tablecloths, napkins, cleaning towels, and even mop heads.   

We've Got Your Sock Laundromat does laundry for hair salons, barbers, pet grooming, spas, massage parlors, and gyms.  We wash uniforms for many businesses as well as sports uniforms for high schools and colleges.  We have laundered sheets for preschools where the toddlers take naps.

We use the very best products such as Tide and we do NOT use recycled water which causes clothes to have an odor.

Commercial laundry is bid by the owner.  The price depends on the quantity of clothes to be laundered and how often you want us to wash for you.  Please email the owner at info@wevegotyoursocklaundromat or call her at (845) 204-9197.