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Wash and Fold Coin Laundry Prices

We've Got your Sock Laundromat gives you value for the cost of laundry service prices. We have laundry machines in all sizes.

Self Service Laundry Pricing

  • 18 lb Wascomat machines (8 Total) $4.00
  • 27 lb Wascomat machines (4 Total) $6
  • 35 lb Wascomat machines (4 Total) $6.50
  • 55 lb Wascomat machines (4 Total) $10
  • 30 lb Dryers $0.25 (6 Minutes)

Our dryers run twenty degrees hotter than a residential dryer, thereby reducing the amount of time that it takes to dry your clothing. Don't be fooled by other Laundromats that "give" you more minutes per quarter and then lower the temperature of their dryers where you think you are getting a bargain. Our coin laundry prices are fair, and we give customers what they are paying for.

New $2.50 pricing takes affect Dec. 1, 2021.

Pickup & Delivery / Wash & Fold

Wash &
Fold Service
Per Pound

**10-Pound Minimum

Pickup &
Delivery Service
Per Pound

**$20-Pound Minimum

Our wash and fold prices include all the products such as Tide. There is an up-charge for certain specialty soaps and softeners. We charge $2 per pound with a 10 lb minimum. Our pickup and delivery prices are $2 per pound, but there is a 20-pound minimum.

Our laundromat prices give you great value. We have commercial machines that do the best job cleaning.