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Frequently Asked Questions About We've Got Your Sock

Laundromat Questions

We open at 8 am and the last load is in by 7:30 pm, except on Sunday when the last load is at 6:30 pm.

We have 18-pound, 35-pound and 55-pound machines.

We sell all laundry products over the counter.


Wash & Fold Questions

Usually it is one day unless we are particularly busy, but if we have time to wash and fold your order the same day, for an additional charge.

Tide, Persil Proclean, Bleach, Downy or Snuggle Liquid and Downy Free and Gentle.

It is our pleasure to abide by your requests.

Pickup & Delivery Questions

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Your clothes will be returned the next delivery day. Friday and Saturday pickups will be returned on Monday.

From 8 AM to 2 PM.

Just leave your laundry in a secure location and let us know where you will be leaving it.